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Before you can enjoy free HDTV, you have to set up your TV antenna.  The Xtreme Signal J-mount lets you install nearly any outdoor TV antenna quickly and easily!

This antenna J-mount provides a universal mounting solution for your HDTV antenna or satellite dish.  Use it to mount your antenna to eaves, roofs, or similar surfaces.  This antenna mount features a universal foot bracket that can be used on either end of the mast.  It is made of galvanized steel to withstand a variety of weather conditions, and is powder-coated for maximum corrosion protection.  Solid Signal is your source for this J-mount for off-air TV antenna and satellite dishes.

TV antenna installation can be easy when you know all the steps.  Check out this how-to video that shows you how to set up the Xtreme Signal J-mount:

Technical Specifications

  • Antenna J-mount is used to install outdoor TV antennas and satellite dishes
  • Its universal foot bracket can be used on either end of the pipe
  • Made of galvanized steel that is powder coated to help protect against corrosion
  • Base footprint measures 5 1/4 ” by 7 ” with a series of 5 pre-drilled holes of various size and shapes on both 5 ¼” ends for various mounting options
  • Antenna J-Mount Dimensions: 1.66” outer diameter x 28” length x 0.060” thick

Do you want to know more about this antenna J-mount?  Just call Xtreme Signal at 877-312-4547.  We can answer your questions, offer antenna recommendations, and much more.