HD8200XL Long Range UHF VHF FM Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Xtreme Gain

The HD8200XL uses a traditional log-periodic design that features high-gain across the entire VHF/UHF Spectrum. As with any full spectrum VHF/UHF antenna you also get access to high-gain reception of FM and HD FM radio.

Xtreme Mileage

The old-school log-periodic design of this antenna is what gives it the strength to go the distance. High VHF and UHF are can be received at 70+ miles and low-band VHF at up to 100 miles.


The HD8200XL pulls in a tight directional beam of aproximately 60° wide for drawing in signal from the direction you point it.


Best in-class performance from a compact high-quality outdoor UHF & VHF antenna.

To get the strongest signal it takes a big antenna, and the HD8200XL delivers just that. Xtreme high-gain reception of the digital spectrum, as well as HD FM and analog FM. Great for deep fringe areas, or for those in low signal areas like valleys or behind hills or mountains.  Traditional TV antennas still reign supreme. If you need the the best reception you can get, a large VHF/UHF Antenna is the way to go. This design delivers reception on the full VHF and UHF spectrum as well as FM. That means you can tune into FM or even HD FM broadcasts (tuner required).

The HD8200XL is made with quality and performance in mind. It traces it's heritage back decades to the pioneering work of US engineers who discovered a way to provide pure performance. Enjoy free HDTV throughout your entire home.  The HD8200XL installs and aims easily. It's directional nature allows you to point at one location for broadcast towers and you’ll be ready to go.  The HD8200XL Is the last antenna you will ever need!

Technical Specifications

  • For those who are in hard to get signal areas, or just want the best you can buy for high-gain reception
  • Beam width approximately 60° wide (out of 360°)
  • Mounts on masts up to 1.5" outer diameter
  • Fully assembled this antenna measures 110" wide and 150" long - Shipping dimensions are 70.5" x 7"x 7"
  • Receives UHF at up to 70+ miles and VHF at up to 100 miles
  • Reflector for blocking unwanted signal and interference
  • Built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection, that is more weather proof than the old style, pigtail transformer
  • 6 Month limited warranty